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the brief

Greenway Fitness needed a multi-purpose website for his fitness and personal training business. He wanted a minimalist aesthetic that was easy to navigate, with visuals that had a clear message.

The main aim of the website was to host and sell his Pre-Ski Conditioning Training Package, where the training videos would be hosted on the website, but only visible to those who purchased the course. Each video needed separate clips on the side, demonstrating a full breakdown of each exercise in that workout.

The website also needed to have an event calendar displaying all of their outdoor training sessions, where customers could read class info and book online. Lastly, he wanted to promote his personal training plans and tailored programs. 

Since launch, an eCommerce section has been added, as well as numerous targeted landing pages and new customer content. 

Greenway Fitness Website on a PC, tablet and phone

what i did

  • web design & development
  • created a paid subscription service that hosted the course videos, but locked all content to non-subscribers
  • created event calendar & booking system for group training sessions
  • produced over 25 web pages

review from greenway fitness

"From the first day of being involved in my website’s development, Kris immersed himself fully into the project. Not just designing how the website functioned and looked, but providing honest, experienced, sound advice and insight at every turn. I hired Saffa Web Design for a website, I received a fully functioning online platform, from which to confidently run my new business.

On top of the above, Kris has since become a good friend and regular source of wisdom to contact for both website and business-related advice."


Greenway Fitness Website - Homepage

training events calendar

Greenway Fitness Website - Group Training Sessions Event Calendar

pre-ski subscription service - example video

Greenway Fitness - Pre-Ski Subscription Service

snowboarders handbook

Greenway Fitness Website - Snowboarding Handbook

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